The TFSA limit is rising to $6,000: Here’s why you should contribute every penny of it

Thanks to inflation, the TFSA dollar limit will hit $6,000 for 2019.files

It’s official. The TFSA dollar limit will be increasing to $6,000 in 2019. TFSAs have been extremely popular among millions of Canadians, many of whom will welcome the upcoming ability to sock away extra funds in their TFSAs come 2019.

The TFSA was first introduced in the 2008 federal budget and became available to Canadians for the 2009 calendar year. The initial TFSA dollar limit of $5,000 had risen to $5,500 for the past few years, with a short-lived flirtation at $10,000 in 2015.

Under the tax rules, starting in 2016 and for each subsequent year, the annual TFSA dollar limit was fixed at $5,000, indexed to inflation for each year after 2009, and rounded to the nearest $500 to make the annual limits easy to remember. Contrast this with the maximum RRSP limit, which is fully indexed to inflation, with no rounding, making this year’s limit of $26,230 a bit harder to recall.