Apple employees are calling 911 after crashing into ‘spaceship’ headquarters’ glass walls

Apple's new "spaceship" campus boasts a huge glass-walled building that has caused some injuries among staff.Justin Sullivan

Apple’s new state-of-the-art, US$5-billion “spaceship” campus boasts a huge glass-walled building with the latest in energy efficiencies, and a 100,000-square-foot fitness centre, and sits amid an orchard, meadows and a pond. But the serene office space appears to have caused some trouble for several employees.

According to transcripts obtained by the San Francisco Chronicle, at least three 911 calls were made from Apple Park after people walked into the building’s signature glass walls. Two of the emergency calls happened on the same day in January — not too long after employees started moving into the building — and the third occurred just 48 hours later.

In one incident, a male in his late 20s collided with a glass panel head first, in the middle of the day, cutting open his brow. According to a second emergency call later that day, a middle-aged man slammed into a glass window hard enough that Apple staff expected he would need stitches to close his wound, also on his eyebrow.