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China’s super-rich brace for tax raid on $24-trillion wealth pile

China’s super-rich brace for tax raid on $24-trillion wealth pile

A woman on board a luxury yacht in China.Joannes Eisele/AFP China’s plan to cut taxes in 2019 for the masses has the nation’s super-rich running for cover on concern the government will make up the shortfall by going after the wealthy. Changes to the tax regime as of Jan. 1 mean authorities will be paying

Couple with $2.9 million in assets and no debt think they won’t be able to make ends meet in retirement

Situation: Couple in their late 50s with poor investments fears a financial squeeze in retirement Solution: Raise returns by selling real estate and improve their investment plans In British Columbia, a couple we’ll call Henry, who is 56, and Julia, who is 58, have complicated financial lives. Henry runs his own consulting company. It makes

Qualifying for disability tax credit an uphill battle for many amid spike in CRA rejections

In the 2016-17 fiscal year, 45,157 disability tax credit applications were rejected compared to 30,235 the previous year.Peter J. Thompson/National Post files One of the most valuable tax benefits for persons with disabilities is the disability tax credit (DTC), which can be worth between $1,500 to $2,700 of combined federal and provincial tax relief, depending

Why retirement planning needs to be a major political issue in 2019 and beyond

Jason Heath: In much the same way governments have encouraged people to save and contribute to their RRSPs using tax refunds, they may need to consider similar incentives to help Canadians focus on the long-term in their retirement planning, including deferring pensions.Illustration by Chloe Cushman/National Post files Retirement planning does not usually get much attention