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Everything you need to know about the enhanced CPP — from how much you’ll pay to how much you’ll get

Everything you need to know about the enhanced CPP — from how much you’ll pay to how much you’ll get

For each year of pensionable earnings after 2024, maximum CPP payouts will be roughly 1.3 per cent more than under the previous rules.Postmedia While it comes too late for retiring Baby Boomers, the generations that follow will benefit nicely from the newly “enhanced” Canada Pension Plan (CPP). Higher premiums to fund it began this month.

What you need to know if you are considering getting a divorce in 2019

The financial consequences of a separation are far-reaching and long-lasting. Look before you leap.Postmedia News files A New Yorker cartoon famously pictures two young children admiring their Christmas tree. Presents are stacked so high, the tree is barely visible. The older child sagely says to her younger brother, “Cherish this moment, because clearly our parents

Mixed-use developments make housing affordability worse — and residents more miserable

Condominium buildings in Toronto.Cole Burston/Bloomberg files Mixed-use developments that combine residential and commercial land uses have long been a favourite policy intervention for urban planners. But while such developments are known to promote sustainable modes of transportation, they may also have an adverse impact on housing affordability. Housing affordability in mixed-use neighbourhoods is worse than

Hefty savings, careful spending pay off for this Alberta couple as they coast toward retirement

Situation: Alberta couple in 50s wonders if one must work longer to support the other’s early retirement Solution: Maintain frugal ways to keep retirement-timing options open In Alberta, a couple we’ll call Sam, 56, and Mary, 59, are coasting toward retirement. Their four children are grown, though two are pursuing postgraduate degrees with the aid